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Jayaram, Prannoy lead Rockets to emphatic win over Acers

  • January 04, 2017
  • PBL Media Team
Jayaram, Prannoy lead Rockets to emphatic win over Acers

The Mumbai Rockets put on dominating display at home as they outlasted the Delhi Acers in a rematch of last year’s final in Mumbai on Tuesday evening.

Match 1: Ajay Jayaram (MUM) vs Jan O Jorgensen (DEL)

The first match of the second tie saw the Delhi acers call for a trump in the men’s singles encounter between India’s Ajay Jayaram and world number two Jan O Jorgensen. Jayaram started the game aggressively and hit some powerful smashes to take a 6-3 lead into the break during the first game. He even had a 9-6 lead after the half, but Jorgensen fought back hard as Jayaram managed to save two game points before Jorgensen saved one. Ajay saved another game point as the scorecard read 13-13. It ultimately went to sudden death as Jorgensen saved another game point and Jayaram managed to win the golden point to clinch a thriller of a first game at 15-14.

Buoyed by a boisterous crowd, Jayaram began the second half in confident fashion racing to a 4-0 lead. He took the interval at 6-2 to send jitters down the Delhi camp. The Mumbai continued from where he left off as he continued to dominated his illustrious opponent to take the game 11-4 as the Acers suffered the ignominy of going down to -1.

The Rockets zoomed to an exceptional start as the Delhi Acers' decision to begin with a trump match backfired spectacularly.

Ajay Jayaram (MUM) beat Jan O Jorgensen (DEL) 15-14, 11-4

Match 2: HS Prannoy (MUM) vs Son Wan Ho (DEL)

Another mismatch on paper as Delhi’s world number four Son Wan Ho took on Prannoy began well but Son showed that he wasn't going get overawed by the situation as the Rockets' man took a slender 6-4 lead at the break. Both players fought hard, mixing their game well and with the crowd behind him, Prannoy used it effectively to take the first game 11-9.

The second game continued in the same fashion as the first with both players battling it out for every point. This time though, it was Son who took a 6-5 lead to the interval. With the game level at 7-7, Prannoy won two important points on the back of two remarkable rallies that lasted 26 and 27 shots respectively. Not to be outdone, Son clawed back to level again. And like the last game, Prannoy held his nerve to close the match 11-9 to get the Rockets soaring to a 2-0 lead against the defending champions.

Result: HS Prannoy (MUM) beat Son Wan Ho (DEL) 11-9, 11-9

Match 3: Nadiezda Zieba/Lee Yong Dae (MUM) vs Maneesha K/ Vladimir Ivanov (DEL)

Mumbai Rockets' Polish-Korean duo began the match brightly taking a 6-3 to the interval. Ivanov had a new partner in the relatively inexperienced Maneesha and a lack of chemistry between them was apparent as Zieba-Dae strolled to a 11-5 win in the first game.

The Acers' duo improved greatly in the second game as they led 6-5 at the break. They continued their resurgence to scalp the second game 11-8 and the match was evenly poised going into the decider.

The final game was a close one till the end as the team of Zieba and Dae ultimately took the game 11-9, helping the Rockets to a commanding 3-0 lead.

Nadiezda Zieba/Lee Yong Dae (MUM) beat Maneesha K/ Vladimir Ivanov (DEL) 11-5, 8-11, 11-9

Match 4: Sung Ji-Hyun (MUM) vs Tanvi Lad (DEL)

Mumbai Rockets called their Trump match in the women's singles with their brilliant Korean Sung Ji-Hyun taking on Delhi Acers' Tanvi Lad. Hyun looked comfortable in the first game to lead 6-3 at the interval which ended up 11-6 in the Rockets' favour.

Hyun showed little sign of trouble with adjusting to the 11-point format as raced to a 5-2 lead. However, Lad fought back to reduce her lead as she trailed by only one point at the interval. She levelled the scores at 8-all only for Hyung to score three points straight to close the match. Lad's spirit was noteworthy in the end but her illustrious opponent had just too much class on the night.

Result: Sung Ji-Hyun (MUM) beat Tanvi Lad (DEL) 11-6, 11-8

Match 5: Lee Yong Dae/Nipithphon Phuangphuapeth (MUM) vs Vladimir Ivanov/Ivan Sozonov (DEL)

The final match was the men’s doubles between two well-matched teams as both Dae and Ivanov took to court again with new partners in Phuangphuapeth and Sozonov. The Mumbai duo took the first game 11-9 as both pairs put in exhibited some wonderful array of shots which included some fierce smashes and well-disguised drop shots. The second game went very much in the same manner as the first and the pair of Dae and Phuanphuapeth had just a bit extra as they took the game by the same margin.

In the end, the Mumbai Rockets took full advantage of home conditions to run out emphatic 6-0 winners against the defending champions in a rematch of last season’s final.

Result: Lee Yong Dae/Nipithphon Phuangphuapeth (MUM) beat Vladimir Ivanov/Ivan Sozonov (DEL) 11-9, 11-9

Final Result: Mumbai Rockets beat Delhi Acers 6-0