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Acers too strong for Smashers, win their first tie of the season 5-2

  • January 08, 2017
  • PBL Media Team
Acers too strong for Smashers, win their first tie of the season 5-2

Delhi Acers put the disappointment of the last few matches behind them as they put on a commanding display by winning four of their five matches against Chennai Smashers, winning the tie by a comfortable 5-2 margin.

Match 1: Jan O Jorgensen (DEL) vs Tommy Sugiarto (CHE)

The first match of the evening witnessed a showdown between Jan O Jorgensen of the Acers and Tommy Sugiarto of the Smashers in the first men’s singles of the night. Sugiarto is an ex-Acer and was the tournament’s MVP last season.

Jorgensen has been in patchy form in this tournament, but he started off well playing some intelligent badminton to take a 6-4 lead into the break in the first game. Jorgensen had a healthy 9-6 lead after the break, but Sugiarto showed great grit and character to make a strong comeback and take the first set 12-10. Jorgensen started the second game in similar fashion as the first and once again took a 6-3 lead into the half. However, unlike the first game, Jorgensen was relentless after the break and some powerful shots by the Dane combined with some errors from Sugiarto resulted in the Acers man winning the second game comfortably by an 11-4 margin. The first half of the deciding game again started off in similar fashion as for the third time on the evening, Jorgensen took a 6-3 lead into the half. The Dane then played some good defence and net play and did not allow Sugiarto any opportunities, taking the game 11-6, and with that the match, handing Delhi the first point of the night.

Result: Jan O Jorgensen (DEL) beat Tommy Sugiarto 10-12 11-4 11-6

Match 2: Vladimir Ivanov/Jwala Gutta (DEL) vs Chris Adock/PV Sindhu (CHE)

Match 2 of the tie saw the mixed doubles taking place as the Acers’ pair of Vladimir Ivanov and Jwala Gutta teamed up against the newly formed pair of Chris Adcock and PV Sindhu. Chris’ normal partner, wife Gabrielle, took ill before the game, leading to Chennai hastily changing their formation.

There was hardly any room for error form Chennai as Adcock and Sindhu showed no signs of discomfort in adjusting, dominating proceedings with some deft play and taking a healthy 6-2 lead into the half. Although Ivanov hit some powerful smashes and won a few points, it was not enough as Adcock and Sindhu gelled well and took the first game 11-7. Ivanov and Jwala regrouped and played both intelligently and strongly in the second game to take a commanding 6-1 lead into the half. They then put on a strong display in the second half as they took the second game 11-4, where at one point were leading 10-1. The players went toe-to-toe in the deciding game, but the Acers took had the slight edge at the half, leading 6-5. Ivanov and Jwala then played some calm and composed badminton and won all the crucial points as they pipped Adcock and Sindhu 11-9 in the final set to give Delhi the match and another vital point.

Result: Ivanov/Gutta (DEL) beat Adcock/Sindhu (CHE) 7-11 11-4 11-9

Match 3: Son Wan Ho (DEL) vs P Kashyap (CHE)

The third match of the evening saw the second men’s doubles of the tie taking place as Acers’ Son Wan Ho took on Smashers’ P Kashyap.

Kashyap started off strongly, showcasing excellent court coverage and net play to win some good points and take a 6-4 lead into the half. However, Son was not one to throw in the towel and soon overturned the deficit as some costly net errors from Kashyap handed Son the first game at 12-10. Son dominated proceedings going into the second game as he took a comfortable 6-2 lead in the half. He was his usual relentless self after the break and did not allow Kashyap any breathing space as he easily took the second game 11-4 to hand Delhi a healthy 3-0 lead on the evening.

Result: Son Wan Ho (DEL) beat P. Kashyap (CHE) 12-10 11-4

Match 4: Vladimir Ivanov/Ivan Sozonov (DEL) vs Chris Adcock/Mads Pieler Kolding (CHE)

Match 4 of the evening saw the Russian pair of Ivanov and Sozonov of Delhi taking on Adcock and Kolding of Chennai as Delhi called for a Trump.

Ivanov and Sozonov started on the front foot and the Russians showed good chemistry on court to take a 6-3 lead into the break during the first game. They then took the game by storm and put on a strong display to take the first game 11-6. Their second game was much more balanced as the teams matched each other for every shot, but once again the Russians were a tad superior in their gameplay, taking a narrow 6-5 lead into the break. However, Ivanov and Sozonov literally took the game away from Chennai after the break as they played some powerful shots, winning comfortably in straight sets. That Trump victory gave the Acers an unassailable 5-0 lead on the evening.

Result: Ivanov/Sozonov (DEL) beat Adcock/Kolding (CHE) 11-6 11-6

Match 5: Tanvi Lad (DEL) vs PV Sindhu (CHE)

The final match of the evening saw Chennai playing their Trump as Tanvi Lad of the Acers took on Smashers’ marquee player PV Sindhu.

Lad matched Sindhu stride for stride and the 2016 Olympic silver medalist only managed a slender 6-5 advantage going into the break at the first half. However, Sindhu turned on the heat in the second half and underlined her superiority as she played some dominating badminton to take the first game 11-6. She started off the second game again on the front foot, amidst some resistance from Lad, but managed to take a 6-4 lead at the break. She hardly allowed any opportunities for Lad after the break, putting on a commanding display to take the game 11-7 and win the only match for her team. That result gave Chennai their only points as they bowed down 5-2 to Delhi.

Result: PV Sindhu (CHE) beat Tanvi Lad (DEL) 11-6 11-7

Match Result: Delhi Acers beat Chennai Smashers 5-2